Work Life Balance

Which are you more committed to: your business or your love life?

You may love both. You may work hard for both. But at the end of the day, you may be spending more time on one than the other… and, chances are, it’s not your partner.

We entrepreneurs are shamelessly devoted to our work. We have a special connection with the business we’ve created and what we do for a living.

But if you’re not careful, you can start to view your business as the primary source of your emotional needs. Before long, you’ll become an addict: someone addicted to growing your business and reaping its rewards.

Which is great – but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else.

If you allow your addiction to grow, you may find yourself leaving other parts of your life in the shade. Eventually, your partner or spouse will wind up wondering whether you’re actually working or having an affair.

Is it possible to strike a healthy balance between running a successful business and maintaining a successful relationship? Indeed it is – and your love life depends on it.

Did you know that the divorce rate of entrepreneurs is five to ten percent higher than other couples?

Which means… if the average rate of divorce in the US is around 38%, the entrepreneur divorce rate must be around 43% and 48%.

That’s … almost half.

Why are so many entrepreneurs doomed to fail in marriage?

Divorce experts say that much of it comes down to sacrifice. That is, sacrificing too much.

An entrepreneurs passion for their business can cause them to neglect other things, such as family life, love, and people in general.

You see, it’s easy to think that your company or project will only absorb your time until it takes off – and then you’ll have all your time for your spouse and family.

Usually, that’s an illusion. You will ALWAYS need to be working on your business. And, if it goes well, it’ll only get busier. Innovation is key: when one project finishes, you know you’ll need to move onto the next one.

As a result, you never have time for your husband, wife or partner.

There are ways to avoid this trap. You CAN succeed in both your business and your love life – and it begins by treating your relationship as an asset, rather than a side-project.


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