Turning Negativity Into Positivity

Life can be pretty cruel sometimes.

No doubt you’ve had your own share of hardship, tragedy, and disaster. We all experience these things in different measures, but the impact is no less painful.

Perhaps your business has failed. Perhaps you’ve been ill with a serious medical condition. Perhaps you’ve had problems with money, or been injured, or lost someone you love.

Whatever negative experience you’ve had, you’ll know firsthand how easy it is to be overcome with grief and misery. How natural it feels to curl up and cry, or at least feel like the world is against you and nothing will ever be good again.

Well, as ‘natural’ as it feels to be miserable in times of trauma, it’s not very useful. It’s at these times that you have to remember how to see beyond your circumstances.

Easier said than done, right? Possibly – but this story will change your mind. If you’re struggling to overcome a negative experience, you need to read this.


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