Think Like A Billionaire

Do you think like an average person… or like a billionaire?

The following scenario might help you understand the difference…

You see a few pine trees growing at the edge of a wood. If you’re an average person, you’ll muse to yourself, “Those are pretty – especially with the snow on the branches.” And then you’ll continue on your way without another thought.

If you’re an entrepreneur, though, you’ll look at those trees and think, “Hey, they look like Christmas trees! How much would people pay for one?”

Your mind will keep running. You’ll start thinking about what’s involved in growing evergreens, how much investment would be required, how you’d cut and transport them, how to keep them from losing their needles, what competition you’d be up against, how much money you could make…

That’s how entrepreneurs become billionaires. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in history have this kind of pragmatic thinking.

Can you become a billionaire just by thinking like one? Sure! This is what you need to know first…


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