Steve Jobs Marketing Blueprint

Let’s Face It, Marketing Is Boring

It’s unoriginal, uninspiring, and often a blatant regurgitation of old campaigns — maybe with a tiny new twist, just to keep management and clients happy.

At least, most marketing.

Apple’s Cure for the Common Marketing Campaign

When Apple announced the first iPod, they launched a campaign revolving around a tagline people still talk about today.

“1,000 songs in your pocket”

Simple. Clear. Concise.

When Steve Jobs delivered the keynote on October 2001, he welcomed in a new era for Apple products.

The iPod dominated the market and became an instant best-seller, subsequently fueling iTunes to climb as one of the world’s top music platforms.

Most importantly, with the iPod launch, Steve Jobs established a blueprint for influential, revolutionary marketing.

And over the next nine years, Steve Jobs led Apple to launch several more market-dominating products, and those efforts eventually made it America’s first trillion-dollar company.

Here was his secret…


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