Make Billions With A Free Product

Impossible, I hear you say. Giving something away doesn’t make you money! What a crazy thing to do!

Actually, it’s not crazy at all. It could be the smartest thing you ever do.

Have you ever gone into a supermarket and been offered a free ‘taste test’ of a freshly-cooked dumpling or piece of gourmet sausage?

Have you ever been handed a free sample of hand cream or a voucher for an eyebrow tint?

Did you turn those offers down?

Heck no you didn’t!

You said, SURE – and grabbed whatever they handed you.

And the next time you saw their product… you thought, hmm, that bread/body lotion/yogurt was actually pretty good.

And you bought it. Maybe you even told someone else about it.

That product now stands out in your memory. Whether you buy it or not, it’s now much more familiar to you than products you HAVEN’T tried. And you certainly like it more.

And there’s a very good reason it was free. It’s all part of a business strategy.

Facebook’s marketing team knows this strategy very well. That’s how Facebook earned over $10 billion in 2016 – while ‘giving away’ its product.

It’s for the same reason that Facebook’s sales have grown by around 50% each year for the past five years.

Just with free product.

Now, when it comes to making money, customers need to be buying your product. As many customers as possible.

Customers who pay money.

The LAST thing you’d want to do is give stuff away.


Well, not if you talk to Zuckerberg.

Let’s look at how other businesses are making millions – not by selling, but by GIVING their customers something for nothing.

1…2…3… Let’s go!


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