Get Customers Raving About Your Brand

Quick – name the first soft drink brand that pops into your head!

…. Coca Cola, right?

Now, name an online store!

…. did you think of Amazon?

Now, name a smartphone!

… did you think of Apple?

These three companies don’t have anything in common – apart from the fact that they’re two of the most well-known brand names in the world.

Is Starbucks the best coffee you’ve ever tasted? Probably not. Are McDonald’s burgers the best in the world? (Nope – my mom’s are better!)

And yet as consumers, we love buying from these companies. We’ve known them all our lives, and we recognise them everywhere we go.

But if they’re not the best, why do we buy from them?

If there’s one thing these companies have done well, it’s that they’ve built an incredibly powerful name. How do you compete with that?

Simple. Brand transparency.

Brand transparency not only draws new customers, it helps to retain existing ones by building trust and encouraging lifetime loyalty.

Want to know how to get customers raving about YOUR brand? It’s actually very simple once you know the basics.


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