Find Your True Calling

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ve found my true calling!” ?

They could be flying airplanes or building skyscrapers, or writing a book. It doesn’t matter: what matters is that they’ve found their THING: what they were put on earth to do.

Many of us believe that the meaning of our lives will one day be revealed to us and everything will make sense. We’ll be happy, free from regret, and we’ll never worry about anything ever again.

Research shows this belief can do wonders for the soul. ‘Discovering’ your sense of purpose has been found to add seven years to your life expectancy!

The problem is… many of us can’t seem to figure out what our true calling is. We might even wonder if we’ve missed out on it altogether.

So – how DO you find your true calling and get on the road to a long, happy life?

Well, first things first: you need an action plan.

Let’s get to work…


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